About us

Cash Flippings is a direct participant-to-participant payment system, is a Ponzi scheme which gained popularity in 2020. It was created by Peter Wolfing to ‘help’ people elevate their financial status through member-to-member donations. Wolfing, as gathered, is also the creator of the following schemes, Infinity 100, Pay Me Forward, Turbo Cycler, Easy 1UP, and National Wealth Center. Participants on Cash Flippings don’t pay money into the scheme’s system, rather, they get all of their payout directly into their btc accounts. The site can be accessed only after an intending member must have registered with the desired amount to get reward. Once this is done, the system pairs you with another participants who you will you pay the double of what you want within 48 hours. But before you do this, it is expected of you to contact the receiver and make proper arrangement with him on how to make the payment. The receiver is expected to acknowledge your payment on his account once he receives the money.